July 1 — AUGUST 22, 2021
game junction
Game junction exhibition (from July 1 to August 22) is dedicated to art-game.

It is undeniable that video games have taken a special place in modern culture. Today the interactions between video games and other cultural forms become more and more diverse, and games can no longer be defined as entertainment and a waste of time. By examining art-video games through exhibition, we do not question the value of the game as a form of contemporary art, but we seek to explore the significance of the visual, conceptual, and physical embodiment of a video game as an exhibition object.

The exhibition presents works by both Russian and foreign authors, including Elena Vlasova, Victoria Volokitina and Leonid Gremyachikh, Yulia Kozhemyako, Anna Rotayenko, Gael Burkhis, Jordi Winstra and Carson Lynn. The proximity of games with interactive installations and tactile objects opens up opportunities for rethinking the connection between cultural and digital environments, on the border of which video games exist.

Video games have multi-dimensional performativity and complex immersiveness that allows the viewer to share authorship with the developer and artist. Thanks to the freedom of action, each new immersion into the digital space provides an opportunity to rediscover new boundaries of the game. Game junction at the exhibition occurs not only through the perception of game as a digital object, but also through tactile communication with the gallery space and presented art objects.

Anna Kozlova

Curator: Anna Kozlova
Art manager: Nadezhda Koroleva
Producer: Natalia Kur
Gallery Manager: Ekaterina Fominykh-Kapitsa
Gallery curator: Elena Kovylina
Project coordinator: Yana Shulgina
Parallel Program Coordinator: Svetlana Strikaleva
PR manager: Natalia Zheltonogova

Supported by: KurFutureLab and EverArtWeekend

Dates: July 1 - August 22, 2021
Cost: 100 rubles standard, 50 rubles preferential.

Age limit: 18+
The gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00

Ilya Mazo and Alexander Ignatov (sad3d), KRAI. DIGITAL-POETRY, Pavel Seldemirov, Laura Rodríguez and Ethan Avila, Victoria Volokitina and Leonid Gremyachikh, Elena Vlasova, Dmitry Kavka, Yulia Kozhemyako (supr), Gaël Bourhis, Anna Rotayenko, JAME Veenstra, IN Carson Lynn, EduardG, Atlas Tucas Community Ilya Rodin.

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