Khodynka Gallery together with the "Art in Science" Foundation opens an enrollment in a new educational project - Performance Art Laboratory. The main curator and teacher of the laboratory will be Elena Kovylina.

The uniqueness of the laboratory is that it is the author's project of the practicing artist, with an innovative approach to education, developed together with the scientist and inventor Inna Yakovleva, president of the "Art in science" foundation. The laboratory becomes not just an educational course in contemporary art, but a territory of scientific experiment, bringing together a variety of relevant artistic and therapeutic practices and technologies, creating a platform for the creative development of each of the participants.
Besides creating their own performative artistic statements, course participants will get acquainted with the history of contemporary art, practice artistic and theoretical writing, create their own projects in the gallery and present them to the professional public.

Individual approach is an important component of the educational process, all projects and developments are discussed with the course master from the conception of the idea up to the public realization.
Elena Kovylina about the laboratory:
"I discovered in performance art a resource for the development of personal qualities that contribute to the discovery of a person's creative potential. Classes in performance develop such qualities as creativity, artistry, the ability to hear yourself, trust in intuition. Participants will learn to feel their body and be aware of themselves in the moment. The performance lab can be interesting for physics teachers and business owners, students and retirees alike. Performance today is such a pseudo-game environment, creating non-standard situations and relations, constructing new social processes both between the participants of the process and the audience".

Elena Kovylina (November 22, 1971, Moscow) is a Russian performance artist, winner of the State Prize "Innovation" and the State Prize of the Russian Academy of Arts "Against the Current. Kovylina has participated in the largest international art forums - Venice Biennale, European Traveling Manifesta Biennale, Sydney Biennale, Sharjah Biennale. She is the recipient of numerous international grants.

Course Information:
The course consists of 8 sessions
Intensive videos:
Schedule: on Tuesdays and Fridays from 19:00 till 22:00
Location: Moscow, 2, Irina Levchenko str.
Cost: 25 000 rubles
The laboratory is organized in cooperation with the Khodynka galleries
Association "Exhibition Halls of Moscow", with the support of
Art in Science" Foundation.
No special training required, age limit 18+
Elena Kovylina Performance Lab
Gallery «Khodynka»

St. Irina Levchenko 2, metro station "October field"

Phone: +7 499 198 76 84


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