September 17 - 19: 00-22: 00
Urban Research Laboratories
Friends, we open registration for the participants of urban research laboratories, which will be held in different districts of Moscow within the project of the Museum of Moscow Street Lecture Hall. Local History. Season 3.

We invite for participation in the labs those who want to try themselves as researchers in one of the Moscow districts. Your research can be about the past of the neighborhood as well as its present, such as places of power in the neighborhood, old-timers, interesting events or initiatives.

We will discuss methods of anthropological research, review existing practices and examples; understand how to conduct observation, interview, and build trust and rapport in the conversation. Separately, we will talk about ethical issues to consider.

After the lab, participants will conduct their own small-scale research in the neighborhood and be able to present it at the Museum of Moscow in October.

The material gathered in the laboratories may be included in the collection of the Moscow Museum and used in the creation of expositions or in the publishing work of the museum.

Schedule of summer laboratories:
August 20 - Dorogomilovo,
Location - Library № 209 named after A.N. Tolstoy, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 24.

August 28 - Lefortovo, venue - History Museum Lefortovo, Kryukovskaya str. 23

September 17 - Schukino, venue - Gallery Khodynka, 2 Irina Levchenko str.

«eginning of October - Fili-Davydkovo, the venue - Library № 202, Kastanayevskaya street, 52, p. 2.

* We received a lot of applications for laboratories in Dorogomilovo and Lefortovo, so open a record for the fall. We will let you know the exact dates in an email within two weeks.

Lab hosts:

Maria Sakirko, head of the Moscow Museum Lecture Hall, anthropologist and researcher

Sveta Kondratyeva, journalist, tour guide, one of the creators of the project "I built for everyone" about the private memory and buildings of Fyodor Shekhtel.

Any resident of any neighborhood can participate in the project, but the field research will take place in the area where the laboratory is located.

Participation in the project does not require experience in conducting sociological research, what matters is interest and willingness to test your skills.

The number of places is limited, so be sure to fill out the form:
You will receive an email within a few days with information about your participation.
Gallery «Khodynka»

St. Irina Levchenko 2, metro station "October field"

Phone: +7 499 198 76 84


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