16th of May

19: 00-20: 00
The destruction of contemporary art and the problems of its preservation
We know that one of the tasks of an art museum is to preserve and archive objects of art. Otherwise, the paint on paintings by old masters would have long since faded, the varnish would have cracked, and the frames would have been covered with a thick layer of dust and soot. Fortunately, there is a rather extensive set of rules and regulations, thanks to which specialists manage not only to study works of painting, sculpture or decorative-applied art, but also to protect them from the interference of time. However, this list does not apply to all works; in particular, many works of modern art are created from fragile and nondurable materials, and often collapse during their exhibition before the eyes of the audience.

In her talk, using examples of such contemporary artworks, culture expert and art historian Anastasia Brintseva will examine the paradox where, on the one hand, museum institutions seek to preserve cultural objects for future generations, and, on the other hand, contemporary artists purposely refuse material fixation and intentionally criticize institutionalization. Along with this, the researcher will analyze the main theoretical constructs and concepts used by artists to create these projects, and will talk about possible solutions to this conflict.

Anastasia Brintseva is a candidate of art history, master of cultural studies, intern researcher at the Cultural Research Laboratory of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, associate professor at the Department of Restoration and Technology of Painting at the Glazunov Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Illustration for the announcement:
Installation by Urs Fischer, Garage Museum, 2016

The lecture will be held as part of the Night of Museums 2020 action; the full program from the partner galleries is available on the Moscow Exhibition Halls website:
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