Lecture "World War II in Video Games"
Online program for Victory Day
On the day of the main holiday of spring, this is the day of memory of those who died in that terrible war and the veterans who gave us freedom.

It is symbolic that the May weather reminds of the biblical story with a rainbow, which was given to mankind, as a reminder that the main tragedy in history is over and will never happen again.
With hope for this, we congratulate all of you on the Victory!

The Moscow Exhibition Halls Association has prepared an online program dedicated to the May 9 holiday. You can familiarize yourself with it on the website: https://vzmoscow.ru/9_maya/index.php

On that day, our gallery hosted the Lecture "You are for the Reds: World War II in video games", the video of which is available below.
Recorded online lecture "You're for the Reds: World War II in Video Games"
The Second World War was reflected in a variety of works of art: literature, painting, poetry, cinema. But besides this, there is, and every year the representation of the military theme in video games is expanding. In different genres, from strategy to shooters, we are offered to visit the battlefields, to feel like commanders and ordinary soldiers.
Video games are not yet as well researched as movies, for example, but they are being actively researched.

On May 9, as part of the lecture "You are for the Reds: World War II in video games," we discussed with a cultural scientist, employee of the Moscow Game Center and lecturer at the Institute of Business and Design Maxim Podvalny, the question of whether video games attempt to comprehend World War II, or a war for gaming industries are just another decoration, like space or the Middle Ages. During the discussion, other issues were raised regarding the history of video games, the role of ideology in it, the ability to convey credibility, and others. We post a recording of a lecture with a discussion.
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