Exhibition "Wow, fantastic"

The exhibition is dedicated to fantastic plots from famous literary works that have already come to life or are about to become a reality.

At the exhibition "Wow, fantastic!" most interesting authors have an opportunity to speak out: modern science artists, independent researchers, performers and video artists, also painters and graphic artists (genre - scientific illustration, fantasy), etc.

The forecasts of these authors are able to compete with the existing official trends. Authors are invited to participate in the exhibition, regardless of age and country of residence. Artworks are accepted in any mediums.

Preference is given to works and interdisciplinary practices: science art researches, scientific inventions and technologies, analytical works that appeal to a classical aesthetics built on harmony that pushes the boundaries of perception, as well as expands the academic experience.

Applications for participation
Deadline 10 February
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Сuratorial thesis
Fantasy is only a part, albeit an important part, of what is commonly referred to as reality. Ultimately, it is not known to which of the two genres, reality or fantasy, the world belongs.
Jorge Luis Borges
Today fantastic, to a greater extent than contemporary art, is a free area of humanitarian thought. It has integrated topical issues of metaphysics and the theory of knowledge, philosophical anthropology, non-confessional theology, parascience and esotericism, political and moral philosophy.
Science fiction as a genre of literature was born from the attempt to model the future, from the creation of prospects for the development of scientific and technological progress; it anticipated the exploration of outer space, and, in fact, has always been a forecasting tool (or programming?) prospects for the development of modern civilization.
Despite Ray Bradbury's formula: «I do not try to predict the future. All I want to do is prevent it». Science fiction as a genre, as a way of presenting events, is a kind of control of consciousness and, as a consequence - reality.
However, with the advancement of the cinema, the functions the predictive programming functions were transferred to Hollywood. Here is performed visualizing of viral worlds, complemented by cultural trends, «the newest technologies», various politics in the sphere of innovation development.
In combination with socio-political programs, orientation of science and technological progress, like a puzzle, a single vector of growth is emerging – we see: much of what was predicted by so-called science fiction writers is coming true or is about to come true.
Apparently: we live in fantasy world that has become a daily occurrence.
Sometimes, in order to understand, what will happen tomorrow, we have to look into «Hollywood scenario», conjectured it, decoding the ideas imbedded in it, - in accordance with the current moment.
And that's, when we increasingly have to communicate with the robot from call center, unwittingly, recall a scene from the movie Elysium, in which a main character unsuccessfully seeks to argue with a robor lower, and where for each objection, the amount of the fine and subsequent punishment increase.
We will call this «post-mythological» state of the world became a fluid creative platform for the creation of images and new social stereotypes trends. Studying published on The World Economic Forum website, which was in London in summer 2020, roadmap of COVID 19, involuntarily recalls the famous novel «1984» by Geoge Orwell. Uppon close examination this roadmap of COVID 19 do not different from science fiction, exempt that viral political and social platform, and literature itself. On the map we can see a global master plan of integration in the public system the newest technologies, such as nanotechnology «smart dust» or 5G, various genetic engineering for growing people with synthetically specified properties etc.
We are given this approved scenario for manipulating human, his nature, will and fate, and it interferes with the processes that were previously considered a kind of prerogative of God and-divine creation.
In the exhibition Wow, Fantastic! we give the opportunity to express the most interesting authors - contemporary science fiction artists, independent researchers, video performers and science fiction artists, as well as painters and graphic artists (genre - scientific illustration, fantasy), etc.
Forecasts of these authors are truly able to compete with the existing official trends.
And in this project, we rather welcome transhumanism - in the interpretation of Professor Preobrazhensky, criticizing his own creation (Sharikov): any woman can give birth to a man, so why create him artificially?!"
In the annihilation of the human, first expressed in the so-called Cyborg Manifesto by the famous American feminist Donna Haraway, we discern an attempt to assert the supposed equality of humans and robots.
We do not welcome the idea of replacing humans with robots. We accept the role of AI solely as an extension of human capabilities, but not as a substitute for them. We welcome hacking solutions in all fields - from biology to programming reprogramming existing program codes, etc. for the purpose of mastering human reserves.
Authors regardless of age and country of residence are invited to participate. Works in any media are accepted.
Elena Kovylina
Curator, Artistic Director
Gallery «Khodynka»

St. Irina Levchenko 2, metro station "October field"

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