The phenomenon, the name of which you hear recently, perhaps more often than your own name, is gradually but fundamentally beginning to reflect on our everyday life. The life of the gallery has not been without changes either, because active, interesting and talkative visitors have ceased to come to visit us.

However, we do not hang our nose and try to benefit from any situation. When, if not now, there is time to remember about old friends - to call them to find out how they are doing. For us old friends are, of course, artists, authors of various projects, with whom we managed to work within the walls of the renovated Khodynka gallery.
We have already written to many of the artists and are now actively discussing the program with them. Ahead of you will be at least two weeks of different formats: from walks in workshops to book selections and tips on how to spend time in quarantine. Everything as the doctor ordered!

We invited everyone to our place so often that the time has come for us to visit, do you think? Let's go #StayHomeWithKhodynka to our artists and, of course, we will take you with us!
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Here are some important tips we've captured:
1. Create a diary. This, at first glance, senseless thing at home will help to self-organize and allocate time for both useful things and entertainment.

2. Do not forget about taking care of yourself, ask yourself more often about your feelings and desires, needs and ways to realize them. Meditate or sign up for psychotherapy on Skype.

3. Don't forget to eat healthy and dance!

4. Take time to do household chores, such as fixing broken furniture or replanting houseplants.

5. Play with cats!

6. Take care of your loved ones, especially older relatives. Install Zoom or Skype for them to ask more about their health.

Now is the time to turn to thick books. Here is one of them:

Endless Joke by David Foster Wallace. On the recommendation of the artist, this is a "handbook of new sincerity." Can be read in English.

If you like computer games, there is also a selection for you:

1. The Outer Worlds, role-playing game, with a rich and vibrant space world and a well-developed storyline.

2. Disco Elysium, a detective story based on a long story.

3. Deus Ex, the game is very similar to the first paragraph.

Anna Rotayenko took part in the group exhibition In the Fog of War (curated by A. Burenkov). The gallery featured two of her works: banner installations from the "Inside Out" series and the interactive "Shooting Gallery", in which different stories were organically intertwined. On the one hand, it was possible to talk with the viewer about the collage and fragmentation of images in urban aesthetics, on the other hand, to turn to the themes of information warfare, fakes and modern mythology.

Also, as part of a parallel program for the exhibition, Anna conducted a two-day laboratory for teenagers, where she discussed with the children what it means to be a contemporary artist.

More information about the artist's other projects can be found on her personal website: https://rotaenkoann.com/
Visiting the art duet "Museum of the ever-playing attractions"

The artists took part in the group exhibition "Internet of Animals" (curated by A. Burenkov), where they presented their work "Eden. Evolution "and offered the viewer to feel in the place of AI through a VR helmet. For several years Denis and Anastasia have been working with the topics of digital art, virtual reality and artificial thinking, the interest in which is developing exponentially today.

And in more detail about other works of the creative duet "Museum of Always Playing Attractions" here: https://eamuseum.com/

The first list from Denis Perevalov:

- "… read David Chalmers" The Conscious Mind ". This book is about what can be called consciousness. But, unexpectedly, I found more in it than I expected - namely, examples of the application of one principle of philosophical constructions. It allows you to understand whether there is more in some "thing" than you expect from it, or there is simply no place for this. Otherwise, it happens that I design some systems or programs and expect unexpected behavior from them - but it turns out that one could immediately understand that nothing unusual would be found in them. "

- "... reading now Claire Bishop" Installation Art: A Critical History ". This book is about the history of the art of total installations, in which the author divides them into several types and studies them in detail. The book is small, but well illustrated. "

- "... I plan to read Andreas Broeckmann" Machine art in the 20th century ". This book has been waiting for its turn for a long time. "

The second list from Anastasia Krokhaleva:

- "… I read about five years ago" Light art from artificial light "- a collection of articles by artists and theorists of light and digital art, edited by Peter Weibel. The book was very useful to me during my studies at the university with a degree in Art History, when I decided to study light art. At the same time, I started to create my first works as an artist, which most often consisted of lightboxes. Therefore, it was also useful to read this book in order to find out what other authors have already done in this direction. By the way, yes! A special joy is that the book contains many photographs of spectacular light works! Pure inspiration! "

- "… recently I became interested in post-humanism, in connection with which I began to read Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto. Someone says that Haruei is outdated. I can not say anything. I am still too "green" in all this, I have just begun to understand "

- "… I want to read Ben Woodard" Slime Dynamics. The origin, mutation and creep of life. " I saw this book on the shelf in Khodynka and decided to make fun of Denis. I hand him the Slime Dynamics with the words: "Ha ha! Here's what you should like! " And he bought the book, read it, and he really liked it! Now I envy him that he has learned so many interesting things from it, and I also want to read this book! "
Aya Ae (Maya Syed). On the one hand, they tried to show and acquaint the audience not only with a particular genre of art, but also to imagine how limitless the world of the artist who works with him is. On the other hand, to inspire, to slow down a little and listen. Maybe now you can hear the new everyday life a little differently?

Here are Maya's two sound experiments:

This year the artist is preparing her graduation project as a student of the Moscow Studio of Experimental Sound and Multimedia Technologies SA)) _ studio, which is based on the gallery site.
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